Naming Ceremonies

Welcoming a new person into the world is a beautiful thing – you will obviously want to share your joy and introduce them to your friends and family, and what better way than a naming ceremony?

It doesn’t have to be done immediately after the birth and is often combined with a first birthday party.

Of course, in the case of adoption your child may be older and this may be a celebration of their new surname.

You can choose as many guide parents as you like, they will each bring their own qualities to your Childs life. Readings, poems, promises and rituals can be woven into your bespoke ceremony. Of course, you can add any religious or spiritual content that feels right to you – or have none at all.

This is a wonderful way to announce to the world that your family has grown!

I also offer a naming ceremony for Transgender people. The journey you have been on to get to be the true You has been long and hard. It can be celebrated  by announcing to the world that this is your real name, your real pronoun, the start of the rest of your life.