Polly Dolly Cushions are here! Thanks to the amazing people at Pixalili in Donegal, I now have a lovely range of hand sewn cushions.   (Pink Polly) Measuring 50 cm square, they are made of 100% cotton with a polyester pillow stuffer inside. The backing fabric is a lovely duck egg blue cotton…. they are […]

Quilt update.

Quilt update. Remember that quilt? I’m pretty sure my last blog post said something like,” Tune in next week for an update…” well, here it is almost a month later! I actually did finish it within that first week, of course you’ll just have to take my word for it, but I did. But here […]

First Birthday Present.

First Birthday Present. When I dear friend asked me to make her Granddaughters first birthday present, I was quite chuffed!   Purple hair, don’t care! She chose the Polly Mermaid print, of all of the Polly Dollies I think this is her favourite. Originally she wanted a purple frame. But having looked at lots of […]

That Friday Feeling!

That Friday Feeling! For some reason I am filled with Fridayosity today. This is odd since I don’t have a Monday to Friday job, but lets go with it anyway! What do I have to show you today? well, I finished the painting of the little creatures that weren’t pigs. They are in fact ‘Spoonlings’ […]

The Paint Bug.

The Paint Bug. The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. A lot crazy actually. We were away on holiday, then Zac went back to college. Tim had an minor surgery and then we had a family wedding. The holiday and wedding were fantastic and the surgery and college move went smoothly. I’m not […]

Stormy Weekends.

It has been a wild and stormy weekend here, perfect for making soup (Mary Berry’s butternut squash soup, which was even nicer the next day*) and then locking myself away in the art room (that sounds very grand – its not, its a lovely 8x10ft room where we keep and do anything art related.) Anyhoo, […]