Humbug Free Christmas Shopping.

Humbug Free Christmas Shopping. Well, even though the TV and shops were shouting about it since Halloween, Christmas is finally here! The tree is up since the 1st December (it’s never been that early before), mince pies have been consumed and Hallmark movies are on a loop. What have I been doing since my last […]

That Friday Feeling!

That Friday Feeling! For some reason I am filled with Fridayosity today. This is odd since I don’t have a Monday to Friday job, but lets go with it anyway! What do I have to show you today? well, I finished the painting of the little creatures that weren’t pigs. They are in fact ‘Spoonlings’ […]

The Paint Bug.

The Paint Bug. The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. A lot crazy actually. We were away on holiday, then Zac went back to college. Tim had an minor surgery and then we had a family wedding. The holiday and wedding were fantastic and the surgery and college move went smoothly. I’m not […]

Planner Review – Episode 2.

Planner Review – Episode 2. Hello again, last week I looked at the Filfox, MAMBI, Erin Condren and Kate Spade planners. Today I have four more, you might not have heard of them all, but I thought they had enough good points to review them. This first one is called the Classic Agenda. Nope, […]

Planner Review – Episode 1.

Planner Review – Episode 1. As I said in the last post, choosing a planner is a big deal. They can be pretty expensive, so you need to know you’ll use it.  My first planner was in 1990, just as the Yuppy period was coming to an end I finally saved enough to buy a […]

Back to school means..

Back to school means…. Okay, it means the kids go back to school. But, what about all the things that go with that? like new school bags, new notebooks, new folders and my all time favourite new pencil cases! It also means new starts to me,like a new years day all over again. No matter […]

The Joys of getting Older.

The joys of getting older.   When I write my odd ramblings on this blog I don’t really consider who might read it. I used to, and do you know what? It really held me back because I worried about what those people might think. That sentence has a lot to answer for. (source) I hadn’t […]

Rainy days and Sundays.

Rainy Days and Sundays. Good afternoon from a wet and windy County Kerry. Before you say it, I know the title of the song was Rainy days and Mondays, but i’m using artistic licence here! So, as I was saying it is wet and windy.Yesterday I took the dogs to the Copper Mines at Ross […]

What’s for Dinner?

Whats for dinner? Here is a really quick, totally delicious dinner that uses up all the leftover veggies in the fridge. It tastes amazing and you make it from scratch. No jars of sauce, so you feel even healthier eating it! Did I come up with this recipe all by myself? No. I took it […]

That time Marian Keyes nearly killed me….

That time Marian Keyes nearly killed me.   *Disclaimer* I ADORE Marian Keyes and do not hold her responsible for my own stupidity in any way. (Then again, if she wasn’t as funny….) About eight years ago, Tim and I went on holidays to the Alps. He, being a mountainy sort thinks that all holidays must […]