Humbug Free Christmas Shopping.

Humbug Free Christmas Shopping. Well, even though the TV and shops were shouting about it since Halloween, Christmas is finally here! The tree is up since the 1st December (it’s never been that early before), mince pies have been consumed and Hallmark movies are on a loop. What have I been doing since my last […]


Polly Dolly Cushions are here! Thanks to the amazing people at Pixalili in Donegal, I now have a lovely range of hand sewn cushions.   (Pink Polly) Measuring 50 cm square, they are made of 100% cotton with a polyester pillow stuffer inside. The backing fabric is a lovely duck egg blue cotton…. they are […]

Deliciously Ella’s Chocolate Brownies.

Deliciously Ella’s Chocolate Brownies. Chocolate has always been my downfall. It’s one of the major food groups right? But in an attempt to become a little healthier (and cut out the migraines) I have turned to this lady. I must say I was skeptical, I really couldn’t believe my sweet tooth could be satisfied without […]

How to sew a Goose.

  How to sew a goose. We’ll get to the goose soon…. Once upon a time I started a blog. This blog was called Scrapzville and I had it for many years. Looking back at the first year or two I see that I wrote long, rambling posts, as if you (the reader) and I were […]

Quilt update.

Quilt update. Remember that quilt? I’m pretty sure my last blog post said something like,” Tune in next week for an update…” well, here it is almost a month later! I actually did finish it within that first week, of course you’ll just have to take my word for it, but I did. But here […]

Super Easy Quilt Making.

Super Easy Quilt Making. ‘Super easy quilt making’ is probably the wrong title for this post. It should actually read, ‘ Make it up as you go ‘. This morning I was doing my favourite Sunday morning activity. That would be drinking coffee in my p.j’s whilst browsing Pinterest – when I came across this: […]

First Birthday Present.

First Birthday Present. When I dear friend asked me to make her Granddaughters first birthday present, I was quite chuffed!   Purple hair, don’t care! She chose the Polly Mermaid print, of all of the Polly Dollies I think this is her favourite. Originally she wanted a purple frame. But having looked at lots of […]

Christmas 2016.

Christmas 2016. Suddenly it is 2017. 2016 has passed by in a blur. In four days the decorations will come down. December just vanished, we were all busy, but it went by so fast. Just in case this year passes as quickly I want to document our decorations. I had great intentions of doing this […]

Tweed Tote Bag.

Tweed Tote Bag. The Knitting and Stitching show was on in Dublin last week. There is no place like it for stocking up on crafting materials, especially the ones you didn’t know you needed! I should take a list, write down all the projects i’d like to do and what I will need to make […]

New Etsy Shop Listings.

New Etsy Shop listings. This morning I finally got around to updating my Etsy shop. All of the Polly Dolly prints are re-listed and the wooden houses are there too. So, just in case you need a gift for a new home, Christmas (sorry to use the ‘C’ word in October) or just something to make […]