Christmas 2016.

Christmas 2016. Suddenly it is 2017. 2016 has passed by in a blur. In four days the decorations will come down. December just vanished, we were all busy, but it went by so fast. Just in case this year passes as quickly I want to document our decorations. I had great intentions of doing this […]

Home is the Nicest Word.

Home is the Nicest Word. According to the dictionary it means, ‘House or other dwelling’. To me it means love, family, comfort, safety, coziness. I am a home bird. My favourite place to be is home. Going on holiday is fabulous, but the day we’re returning i’m frantic to get back . It’s where my […]

The ‘After’ photos………

Oh dear……… once upon a time, a long time ago (like two years) I started to show you my Mums new house. I explained all about the reasons she had moved and the jobs that needed doing – you can catch up on that story here, I don’t expect anyone to remember that far back! […]